Why Shippers?

Because...Experience: 70 Years and Counting

You expect your project is built to last. Expect the same from your rigging partner. For over seventy years Shippers has withstood the test of time, through dependability and innovation. Steadily handling the heavy lifting for projects large and small, Shippers remains forward thinking, safety compliant, and always keen on the latest advancements in civil engineering. Staying current, with a willingness to grow, and placing a high premium on the continuing education and safety for our crew (Riggers, Operators, and Teamsters) has kept us strong. With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes experience. With experience, know-how.

Because...A Reputation for Reliability

We’re proud to have helped so many notable projects become a reality over the years. Whether we’re starting from the ground up, adding reinforcements, or helping to tear it all down, wherever we fit into the mix, Shippers handles every project with the same high standards which has helped earn us a reputation for reliability.


You can’t expect a job to get done right if your operation runs behind the times. Shippers understand that people power is a major resource for any successful company, so we put our money where our mouth is by investing, company wide, in our own employees and infrastructure. It keeps our organization lean, and our operations running smoothly. Translation: an effective partner with an eye for efficiency. We run a tight ship. From the miniscule to the monumental, our fleet of riggers, operators, and teamsters have all the right resources at their disposal: State of the art, temperature controlled, fully secure indoor and outdoor facilities for warehousing and storage spanning 70,000 square feet (indoor) and 85,000 square feet (outside).

Because...We’re Qualified

OSHA trained, NCCCO certified, the entire Shippers staff are not only encouraged, but expected to submit to ongoing safety training and continued education in order to keep up with industry standards. This has earned us exceptional EMR ratings over the years, most recently scoring a .50 EMR in August 2016.

Because...We Manage the Details

Shippers oversees all aspects of your project: receiving, warehousing and storage, trucking and delivery, unloading and rigging in to place, setting of rooftop and site pad equipment, rig plans, street permits, signage, barricades, traffic and pedestrian control. Heavy lifting from start to finish, rigging collateral at every level, we manage all the details including site logistics and maintaining the owner's daily operations.

Because...Safety First

  • Drug Free Workplace
  • Current .50 EMR (Experience Modification Rate) Rating [August 2016-present]
  • Field Staff are Qualified Signalers & Riggers, Per OSHA Subpart CC
  • Full Time Safety Manager
  • Weekly/Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Weekly Jobsite Safety Inspections
  • All Employees have successfully completed 10/30 Hour OSHA Training
  • Hard Hat, Safety Glasses and Safety Vest Required at all times

Because...Collaboration is Good for Everyone’s Bottom Line

Shippers appreciates the opportunity to be your project advisor, and we look forward to collaborating with you in the early stages. The sooner the better in fact. From the initial planning phase to the final task, partnering with us early on ensures that your project gets completed on time and well within your budget. We bring expertise to all levels of your project and we’ll gladly attend any pre-rig meetings you might be scheduling.