Safety First


Shippers Highway Express, Inc. has nurtured a culture of accountability through our safety policies and procedures over the years. We foster an environment where every crew member feels safe to question, report, and improve protocol. It’s precisely this atmosphere of fairness, cooperation, and accountability that has earned Shippers exceptional EMR ratings over the years, most recently scoring a .50 EMR in August 2016.

Setting Expectations

Safety Policy and procedure is more than just legalese in an employe handbook. It’s a code of conduct that serves as a foundation for our company culture overall. Encouraging and promoting an environment where Shippers personnel feel safe, trusted, and well equipped with the proper resources for the job, in the end - this ultimately leads to higher employee morale, which in turn leads to improvements in operational efficiency. We consider the mandates outlined in our official Safety Policy and Procedures to be words to live by, literally.

Full Time Safety Manager

We’re always finding ways to improve our policies. The addition of a Full time Safety Manager to our staff now ensures that all personnel have a primary individual within the organization who is accessible and someone they can turn to regarding company policy. The result is not only a safer environment, but a more efficient, and productive one as well.


We’re serious about promoting a work environment based on accountability, and we require that all personnel [at every level in the organization] engage in rigorous weekly and monthly safety sessions, as well as weekly jobsite safety inspections.

Certification, Training

Shippers Highway Express employs the best in their trade, the cream of the crop. All personnel will complete a minimum of ten to thirty hours of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training. All personnel are certified signalers and riggers, per OSHA Subpart CC. Furthermore, every one of our Crane/Boom Truck Operators achieve NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) certification before we even give them the keys.

Policy in word and deed

All Shippers personnel are required to wear the appropriate gear at all times, including hard hat, safety glasses and safety vests. We also place a strict emphasis on the importance of a Drug Free Work Environment. The more focused and aware the crew, the better the result. We run a tight ship and it shows.

Let’s Review

  • Drug Free WorkPlace
  • Current .50 EMR (Experience Modification Rate) Rating [Since August 2016]
  • Field Staff are Qualified Signalers & Riggers, Per OSHA Subpart CC
  • Full Time Safety manager
  • Weekly/Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Weekly Jobsite Safety Inspections
  • All Employees have successfully completed 10/30 Hour OSHA Training
  • Hard Hat, Safety Glasses and Safety Vest Required at All Times


Shippers understands the level of importance inherent in every project we tackle. No matter what the size of the endeavor - from the monumental to the minute, nothing is taken for granted. Quality, capacity, size, scope. None of these factors trumps the other. Our approach relies on skill, know-how, a strict adherence to best practices and a wealth of resources that come from decades in the business. Likewise, our safety policy has been nurtured, developed, tweaked and adhered to. Seeking to make proactive improvements to company policy on a regular basis helps an organization grow from within. This, in effect, puts Shippers Highway Express in a strategic position to better serve both our clients and our employees alike.