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In business for over 60 years, Shippers Highway Express, Inc. is a rigging company serving mechanical, electrical, plumbing, healthcare and educational facilities as well as telecommunication contractors with storing & rigging equipment for construction projects as needed...

Shippers Highway Express, Inc.

4965 Neo Parkway . Cleveland, OH 44128
Phone: 216.475.1411
Fax: 216.475.4840

Storing & Rigging Equipment for Construction Projects

as needed for Receiving, Storage, Trucking, Rigging & Setting of roof top and site pad equipment
In business for over 60 years, Shippers Highway Express, Inc. has been the proven Leader in providing Rigging Services for Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Our reputation has stood the test of time, having been built upon a foundation of Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism and Reliability with an exceptionally pristine Safety Record. No job is too big. No job is too small. We take on the challenging projects others can not do, with great success. We employ highly specialized Riggers, Operators and Teamsters, supported by a dedicated and loyal staff.


App. 70,000 sq. ft.
Temperature controlled
Fully secured


App. 85,000 sq. ft.
Fully secured

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